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2 The Point Advisors NV is dedicated to providing a broad array of the highest quality professional services and advice to firms ranging from new start-ups through large multi-national corporations.  Our service delivery model is collaborative beginning with our experts gaining an understanding of our client, the client’s firm and the scope and requirements of the project under consideration.  Using this background, we deliver a detailed project proposal which clearly defines the scope of the work; the deliverables; the project plan, timeline and resources; project costs; and, a set of mutually defined success metrics.  Based on their extensive experience, our experts deliver our services in a totally transparent fashion with an emphasis on clear, direct communications; a high level of availability and responsiveness; timely execution; professional documentation and the utmost respect for confidentiality and non-disclosure.

We are here to help you succeed.  We charge competitive, fair rates for the value we provide.  In return, we are committed to ensuring you receive the successful outcome you require, on time; to consistently exceeding your expectations; and to understanding we must earn your loyalty everyday on every project.

Our range of professional services includes, but is not necessarily limited to, the items listed below.

Interim/Fractional C-Level Executive Roles: Director, Chief Executive Officer, President, Chief Operating Officer, General Manager Level; Full-Time Basis for Interim Periods from 3 to 12 Months; Part-Time for an Indefinite Period of Time Based on Demand and Fit; General Corporate Leadership; Market and Business Development: Technology and Product Development and Commercialization; Strategic Planning

Consultations on Product Implementation Methodologies and Architectures: Identification and Implementation of Best Practices; Analysis of Existing Approaches and Alternatives; Tools and Techniques; Change Management; Financial and ROI Analysis; Build-Buy Trade-Offs; Architecting for Extensibility and Leverage; Decision Support, Licensing, Agreements, and Partnerships for Tools, Technology, IP and Supply Chain.

Board Roles: Non-Executive and Executive Roles as Chairman, Investor Representative or Independent Member of Boards of Directors and Advisory Boards for Private and Public Companies.


Market Research: Identification of Disruptive Technologies; Research on Emerging Market Trends; Quantification of Market Size and Opportunities; Market Participant and Competitive Analysis; White Papers; Reports; Presentations; Ongoing Monitoring.

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Coaching and Mentoring: Implementing and Managing Change; Team Building; Sounding Board; Interpersonal Skills and Communications; Executive Leadership and Skill Development.

Start-up Formation and Financing: Strategy Identification; Business Plan Development; Team Building; Organization and Operational Set Up; Interim Executive Roles; Funding Strategies; Pitch Deck Development; Investor Sourcing and Introductions; Funding Transaction Support.

Product and Technology Evaluations: Competitive Analysis; Identification and Analysis of Alternatives and Disruptive, Differentiating and Evolutionary Opportunities and Risks; Financial and Cost Structure Analysis; Supply Chain Identification; IP and Patent Analysis; Inbound and Outbound Licensing Support. 

Expert Witness: Services in All Areas of Expertise for Semiconductors; RF, Wireless and Consumer Electronics Applications; MEMS and Sensors; Software Development and Tools; and, Medical Devices.

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